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When You Have to Sell NOW!

You might be one of those sellers who has to sell your home now. Maybe you are close to losing your home to foreclosure, or perhaps your new construction is almost complete and you can't close until you sell your existing home. Whatever the reason, here is a summary of seven tips, courtesy of David Crook with The Wall Street Journal, that you can use to get your home sold fast! (more…)Continue Reading!

Is Your Home’s Value Declining? Maybe Not!

In an article dated August 6, 2008 in the San Francisco Chronicle, Chronicle staff writer James Temple wrote about the state of the housing market in the Golden State and the results of a confidence survey commissioned by real estate web site Zillow. The point of the survey is that most homeowners feel their homes have increased or held steady in value, when the reality is that the majority of homes in the survey area have lost value during the...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Selling Your Bryan College Station Home: Advice on Counteroffers

It can be a very exciting time as a College Station Home Seller when you get your first offer from someone wanting to buy your property. You have finally found someone who, you hope, likes the home as much as you did. More importantly, if everything works out like it should, roughly 30 or so days later, will be Pay Day for you. That's right! The sale of your home will occur and you will be moving on your way...Continue Reading!

Home Protection Plans for College Station Tx

Home protection plans (warranties) are on the rise. They offer homeowners some protection against unexpected and costly repair and service bills, usually during the first year of ownership of their home. They are also usually renewable on an annual basis. Typically, the plans cover the property's operating systems (electrical, plumbing, heating, A/C) and some appliances. Of course, it is important to review the plans for exclusions. The coverage is paid by one up-front fee, plus a service fee for each contractor...Continue Reading!

FHA- On the Upswing

With FHA mortgages (those insured by the Federal Housing Authority) becoming so popular again, I thought you would be interested to learn that the current loan limit on a single family home is $271,050. The process is also much more user-friendly than in the past. They have eliminated the gift restriction on down payments. Now, a buyer's entire down payment can be a gift from a family member, employer, charity, or local government entity. Also, a seller can contribute as much...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader List Price Or Agent – Is One More Important Than the Other?

List price or Agent? You need both! Yes, choosing the right Realtor is very important as is setting the right listing price. It is a job both you and your agent must take very seriously Study the market using both past comparable sales and properties that are currently available for sale. It is as if you are trying to look into a crystal ball and find the price that is in line with the market and even a bit ahead of...Continue Reading!