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The Century Tree Reader The Value of Bryan/College Station Schools

Every Bryan College Station, Tx parent wants their child to be successful-- to have a happy child hood, and grow up and be able to support their own family. No words can articulate the emotions a beaming parent feels when their child achieves every goal they set for themselves, and become a successful adult with children of their own. This is never easy; parenting is one of the most difficult things anyone can do, and trying to raise a child...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Luckiest Mom in all of College Station – Maybe the World.

Tonight I was asked to drive my daughter and her friends for Homecoming. No, they didn't have dates and Yes I said YES!!! Rather than just drive...  I dressed in all black, got a top hat and treated them like stars. I opened the doors for them, took pictures like paparazzi, served them non alcoholic sparling grape juice in plastic flutes and let them laugh and laugh and laugh. I was so honored my daughter wanted me to be with her and her...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader I Can See My Child’s Grades ONLINE!!!

Did you know that you can check your child's grade ONLINE now at the Junior High and High School level? No - you don't have to wait until they hopefully bring their report cards home. You can login and see their grades in real time as the teacher inputs them. You'll know if homework is being turned in, if tests are being passed adn if you are looking at spending the weekend at home while they are grounded or if you'll be...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader College Station High School FFA Car & Vintage Tractor Show

The A&M Consolidated High School (AMC) Young Farmers Car & Vintage Tractor Show is coming on Saturday, October 4, 2008 at the College Station AMC High School from 10am - 2pm. This is a free FAMILY event with activities for all agents.  Ready to bid on a silent auction item? Barbeque pit with smoker and hot box Barbeque pit with receiver hitch 4 x 4 ft box deer stand bird houses receiver hitch skinning rack artwork 600 lb capacity deer feeder steel custom made coffee table jewelry Much much more! Want to...Continue Reading!

College Station School District Number of Students for 2008

Eddie Coulson's, Monday Report on the schools in College Station was quite interesting. I understand he knows our kids are on Facebook and maybe with a little encouragement we can get him to join us. (You'll have to ask him about the joke here....) As of September 1, 2008 there were 9, 504 students enrolled in school. This is a 6.2% increase compared to the sixth day of school last year.  This translates into a 558 student increase at CSISD compared...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Support the A&M Consolidated High School Band & Texas A&M

Ready to support A&M Consolidated High School Band and Texas A&M too? A&M Consolidated Band is selling Aggie Flag subscriptions! For only $40. a Consolidated Band Student will come to your home (or business) EACH morning Texas A&M plays a home football game and place an Aggie flag in your yard showing your support! And they even come and pickup the flag later in the day!!! This year there are seven home games this year where you can show your support for...Continue Reading!