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Real Estate True Tales Category

The Century Tree Reader Kathy Massey is a Success in College Station!

Susan,   My husband Chris and I have been extremely impressed with Kathy Massey, our Century 21 Beal Realtor. I first contacted Kathy back in the fall when my husband first heard about his transfer to Dallas. Kathy took the time to give us some good, solid information even though we were not ready to list the house at that time. We went back to Kathy and got our house listed February 1st. We got a contract that evening and a second...Continue Reading!

Real Estate Reads

CASABLANCA MOROCCO -- You think your last sales transaction was cursed...spend some time in the North Africa real estate and you'll see Bryan Texas as a cake walk. The Caliph's House by Tahir Shaw accounts a real estate adventure. The London businessman grows tired of the rat-race and finds an ancient riad - mansion - in Casablanca.  Aside from learning the nuances of the Islamic culture Shaw tries to renovate his palatial compound and meet the neighbors. The storyline is similar to...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Do Haunted Houses Really Exist In Bryan/College Station??

In my career as a Realtor, I have sold over 500 homes in the Bryan and College Station area. A few of these properties were homes that had a history; that is homes where previous owners had died on the property.   According to the law in Texas, if the house is considered a “Notorious House,” meaning the home is well known by the general public for what has happened on or in the premises, be it due to a death...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Raylene Lewis is a Published Author!!!!

Raylene Lewis is a top agent at Century 21 Beal in College Station Texas. A few months ago she was contacted about publishing her "interesting real estate experiences" in a book. Below are the 2 stories (TRUE STORIES) they chose. Real estate is an interesting business. We deal with people at their bests and at their worsts! We see clean houses and houses no one should live in. We work with people who are understanding and those who are demanding. We...Continue Reading!

What’s in a name?

I am a fan of history, especially the history of places.  The history of an area is something that is important to Realtors.  When I look at something as simple as a legal description for a property or as complex as a title commitment, I am reminded of the people that originally surveyed and owned the virgin wilderness and the hardships they endured to create a home, a livelihood, and a community out of the natural resources around them.  Being...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Foreclosure Home for a $1.00?

From an article in the Detroit News, this house in Detroit, Michigan was recently listed for $1.00. That's right. One American greenback. It sold for full price! The buyer plans to pay cash. Between sales commission and $1,000 bonus, buyer's closing costs, back taxes and a past due water bill, the sale will cost the bank owner about $10,000. The empty, foreclosed home is now a shell of its former self. As a vacant home, ...Continue Reading!