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The Century Tree Reader Meeting Energy Demands During a Texas Summer in College Station

Texas summers are hot. And, for those of us willing to face the statistics, it only looks like they’re getting hotter. But that’s fine, so long as we have a roof over our heads with well ventilated air-conditioning, and a car with enough antifreeze to get us to and from work without having to succumb to the overbearing outside heat. Right? Meeting the energy demands of the State of Texas hasn’t been any real issue for many years. But after the...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Neighborhood Test Drive

Would you buy a car without taking it for a test drive?  Most people wouldn't consider making such a major purchase without a test drive. But, surprisingly, people buy homes without "test driving" the prospective neighborhood.  I'm not talking about just walking around the block, although that's a good start.  I'm talking about pretending you're a resident for a couple of hours.  Here are some ideas: -Have your kids play in the neighborhood park -Go for a bike ride and explore the surrounding...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Home Pricing Principles

If you've ever wondered how much your house would sell for in today's market, you're not alone.  There are many things to think about, but here are three key considerations: How much have other homes in my neighborhood sold for recently?  The key word here is "recently".  We all know that prices have adjusted downward in the last couple of years, so it's not really relevant what Mr. Smith sold his house for five years ago.  You need up to date...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader College Station Rental Scam Alert

Scams, even in Bryan & College Station,  are unfortunately becoming more prevalent and more and more individuals are finding themselves victims to all types of fraud, especially due to the internet. What feels like a completely safe and isolated environment actually serves as a means for deception all too often. This deception ofen reaches out to include real estate leasing. All over the nation, tenants are losing money from sending (more…)Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader The Texaplex

Have you heard of the Texaplex? Sounds like a made up word, huh? Well, it's actually term coined by a real estate broker in Dallas, David Winans. A few years ago, he had grown tired of all the bad news about the economy so he created a presentation for his office to remind them that things weren't all that bad in Texas. I first heard the term a few years ago while visiting with a lender friend about the potential for a...Continue Reading!

The Best Townhomes in College Station TX is proud to announce a new partnership with Aggieland Properties and The Barracks Townhomes This partnership has produced the absolute best portfolio of Class A Student rental housing in Aggieland (College Station TX) AND some of the Best Real Estate investment opportunities on the planet! Aggies, Check out Investors, Check out some of these cash flow scenarios: Call us anytime on our new hotline at 888-567-5757 or Text us at 313-Gig-Em-Ag Thanks & Gig-Em'Continue Reading!