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Pebble Creek in College Station on Aggie Game Day September 2010

Pebble Creek is College Station's Premiere Golf Course Developments. Click on the YouTube video below and enjoy a short drive from the entrance, past the golf course and down a street or two. Watch for the Aggie Game Day Flags too! [youtube][/youtube] (more…)Continue Reading!

Contingency Contracts: Friend or Foe?

In the world of real estate, there are few things more intimidating than the dreaded contingency contract. Though they can be confusing at times, I assure you contingency contracts are nothing to be afraid of. In fact, they can be quite beneficial to both the buyer and the seller when used correctly. Let's begin by discussing exactly what a contingency contract is.  A  contingency contract is what you use to buy a new home when you need the equity from your current...Continue Reading!

What Kind of Discount Can a Buyer Expect to get on a Home in Pebble Creek of College Station?

l How much will the seller take?  Depends... How strong is your offer? If you are interested in buying a home in the remarkable Pebble Creek subdivision of College Station, you are likely to be considering one of the largest factors in a real estate deal: the price.  If the listed price of your dream home is not quite in your range, there is always the possibility that the seller will take another offer.    (more…)Continue Reading!

How Do I Sell My House FAST? (Step 5)

At last, we have reached the final step of the process! Let us begin by reviewing the previous steps. The First, and most important step, is to contact a Realtor. Simply doing this can save you the trouble of having to worry about the following four steps. If you insist on continuing alone, you must then CLEAN your house, PRICE your house, and STAGE your house properly to ensure it sells in the optimal amount of time. The final step in...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Pebble Creek Elementary School Carnival Saturday March 6, 2010

Pebble Creek Elementary School Carnival this Saturday. You don't want to miss it! Join us this Saturday, March 6th from 11am to 4pm for the annual Pebble Creek Elementary Spring Carnival. Everyone is welcome - not just for Pebble Creek students! This year's carnival is a space theme! We'll have plenty to do for the parents and the kids! Games, including bounce houses and inflatables Cast room, children's raffle, cake walk & more! Silent auction - over $20,000 in merchandise Class basket auction & class plate...Continue Reading!

How Do I Sell My House FAST?? Step 4

Right now, College Station home sales are outstanding! How can you make sure you capitalize on our great market? I have already covered finding a Realtor, cleaning, pricing, and today I will cover step four in the process: STAGING. Due to the recent outpouring of information on television about staging, many people are under the impression that staging is a difficult process that must be done by a professional. This is not the case. All you need are a few simple...Continue Reading!