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Traversing the Swamp Lands of Loan Qualification

Soooo, you forgot to drain the swamp, did you? Well here's a quick tip to getting your credit back on track and the alligators off your backside. There are websites for obtaining a copy of your credit report. Use one and see what's on that report. Ah, so you found where the alligators are coming from. Ok, start damage control now. First make sure these are your debts because there is that sticky situation called...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Closing Cost? What Are They Asking Me To Close? I Thought I Was Buying….

Closing costs are simply this: the costs of borrowing money, establishing the loan, purchasing title insurance, establishing escrow charges, conducting pest inspections and preparing the necessary documents to finalize the sale. These costs may be significant and are easily overlooked by a first time buyer. The Costs of Borrowing Money. This includes what some lenders call "discount points," a one-time charge to adjust the yield on the loan to what market conditions demand. Each point equals 1% of the mortgage amount....Continue Reading!