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The Century Tree Reader How to get rid of PMI – Part Two

Last time we learned that PMI, like PMS, doesn't last forever.  Aside from home owners asking for it to be removed and aside from lenders terminating it when the principal balance of the loan reaches 78% of the original loan amount, there is another way to have it eradicated. For people living in areas where their home value has risen, the value could actually exceed the amount of principal owned on the mortgage.  In this situation the lender is under no...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader A Silver Lining to a Dark Cloud

Lately, the media has not had a lot of “good news” to report on. The stock market is down… way down. Congress is continually arguing about economic stimulus packages that, if not passed, would mean millions of Americans losing their jobs and retirement funds. Obama and McCain will reportedly spend around 30 million dollars over the last month of their campaigns on mostly negative ads. Thousands of American families are having their houses foreclosed on. And, in a recent pole,...Continue Reading!

Credit Crunch? Media Feeding Frenzy

BRYAN, TX -- You and I know the media are out to make a buck. And most people know that a majority of the news is presented in a cunning way to grab your attention to increase media viewership to sell more ads to make a buck. What viewers may not know is that the recent hype on the alphabet soup mortgage companies (WaMu, AIG, FNM, FRM, ...) is just that - hype. Sensationalism to get you excited to grab...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader How is New Construction Doing in College Station?

  January - August 2008 Type of Permit Permit Unit Amount Single-Family- Home 405 405 $61,361,539 Duplex 34 68 $5,387,633 Tri-Plex/Four-Plex 2 6 $515,350 Apartment 28 405 $4,553,525 New Commercial 61 n/a $124,515,739 Commercial Remodel 79 n/a $6,255,518  So what does it all mean? Single-Family Homes (not including slab onlys)           January - August (YTD - 1yr)                  Down 14%           January- August (YTD - 2yr)                  Down 19% Year-to-date, single family home permits decreased in quantity when compared to last year this time, August 2007, and decreased when compared with two years ago, August 2006.   Commercial (Does not include slab onlys)           January - August (YTD - 1yr)                 Up 3%           January - August (YTD - 2yr)                 Up 10% Year-to-date,...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader College Station Real Estate Market Share Report Jan – July 2008

Want to see the LARGE version of the College Station Real Estate Market Share Report for July 2008? Century 21 Beal Realtors remain the market leader in real estate in College Station and Bryan! Susan Hilton - Realtor & Sales Trainer for Century 21 Beal Want to Search the Bryan College Station MLS? CLICK HERE!!! View Susan Hilton’s profileContinue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Builder Spotlight- New Vision Custom Homes

Thinking of building a Custom Home??? In the market for quality new builder construction in College Station at affordable and competitive prices? Look no Further. New Vision Custom Homes LLC. has been building quality custom homes in the Brazos Valley for 8 years, and been consistently knocking out competitors in both price and quality on every deal. New Vision specializes in Castlegate Communities (Click Here for Tour), Castle Rock, and is building Spring Creek Gardens Phase 3 (Click Here for Tour). Specs start...Continue Reading!