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The Century Tree Reader Available Homes in Bryan College Station MLS 2010

The number of properties available in Bryan College Station continues to rise. Did you know?  Does it affect you? [tomatoframe][/tomatoframe] Susan Hilton Century 21 Beal, Inc. 979-764-2100 Bryan College Station Real Estate Market Trends 2010 Foreclosures in Bryan College Station College Station Real Estate Career Information Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Bryan College Station Real Estate Market Update for January – October 2010

What has the real estate market been doing over the last few month?  Tell me what YOU think! [tomatoframe][/tomatoframe] Susan Hilton Century 21 Beal, Inc. 979-764-2100Continue Reading!

Exclusive Interview with Josh Benn Attorney in Bryan

[youtube][/youtube] Kristi Fox, Realtor® interviews Josh Benn, a local attorney in Bryan College Station. Josh Benn is also a Real Estate and Business Law Professor at Blinn College. Check out this video for exclusive footage from the interview. For more news updates, visit or follow us on our blog at kristifox.wordpress.comContinue Reading!

Bryan College Station Real Estate Update for September 2010

August 2010 Bryan/College Station, Texas Real Estate market reports have been in for a few days, and I have held off reporting them as I am concerned about interpretation. So, below are the numbers for what has happened in the real estate market in Bryan/College Station for January through August 2010 (without my crystal ball interpretations) along with a little progressive news about things that will be happening in our area to help generate jobs and business development.  And, how about...Continue Reading!

Bryan College Station Real Estate Market Summary Jan – July 2010

2010 January - July Bryan/College Station, Texas Real Estate Market Statistics Let’s start with the question… What do YOU think about the Bryan College Station real estate market? I’d really like to know. Checkout the charts below. We are beginning to see that the market may not be holding for our community. I know we all like to think we live in the BCS/TAMU Bubble but the rest of the world is pushing on our bubble.  Hopefully July was just a blip for the...Continue Reading!

Contingency Contracts: Friend or Foe?

In the world of real estate, there are few things more intimidating than the dreaded contingency contract. Though they can be confusing at times, I assure you contingency contracts are nothing to be afraid of. In fact, they can be quite beneficial to both the buyer and the seller when used correctly. Let's begin by discussing exactly what a contingency contract is.  A  contingency contract is what you use to buy a new home when you need the equity from your current...Continue Reading!