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The Century Tree Reader Bryan College Station Tx Real Estate Market Update Jan – April 2011

Have you noticed the headlines in the media seem to be different every day? Foreclosures Are Down Foreclosures Are Up Prices are Falling Prices Are Holding and on and on Since Bryan College Station, Tx is in a “bubble” with Texas A&M University, hospitals and businesses, below is what is REALLY going on here. Inventory of available properties a buyer can choose from continues to rise: January up 14% over 2010 February up 9% over 2010 March up 9% over 2010 April up 15% over 2010 Number of...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader 2010 Market Report

(more…)Continue Reading!

2011 Real Estate Market Update

2011 Real Estate Market Update Bryan/CollegeStation, Texas Real Estate   Can you believe we are already at the end of the second month of 2011 and starting the 3rd? The older we get the faster time seems to pass... Boy I sound old now! 2010 was an odd year for real estate. Most of our business was in the first half of the year. 2011 is starting off with a BANG. Our office is very busy with buyers and sellers! The market is showing us...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader How Has The Brazos Valley Been Affected By What Is Happening Nationwide

It has been said that in order to help the housing market recover in The Brazos Valley we need at least 2% job growth. For Texas this is not bad because for the first time since May of 2006 we are seeing job growth and it is approaching 2%. With the high job loss that has been occurring nationwide many believed The Brazos Valley would experience a great deal of loss too, and have an extreme effect on the housing market....Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader What to Expect in Bryan College Station Over the Next 5 Years?

There are many opinions about what we should expect to happen over the next 5 years in Bryan College Station regarding real estate, development, investment properties as well as overall general growth. They may not all agree on the details but they all seem to agree that growth is coming and so are the people! In addition to an increase in our RGP (real gross product - output in dollars) the population is expected to increase by almost 20,000 (more…)Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Where Are the Home Buyers for Bryan College Station?

Where are the buyers of homes in Bryan College Station? What happened to our steady ever growing real estate market? It looks like we have a few things combining together to make our market feel 'really bad' right now. We have: Significantly higher than normal home inventory Foreclosure moratorium Fall (normally the lowest quarter for homes going under contract) First time home buyer surge the first part of the year pushing more sales in the first half of the year (more…)Continue Reading!