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Is Your Home’s Value Declining? Maybe Not!

In an article dated August 6, 2008 in the San Francisco Chronicle, Chronicle staff writer James Temple wrote about the state of the housing market in the Golden State and the results of a confidence survey commissioned by real estate web site Zillow. The point of the survey is that most homeowners feel their homes have increased or held steady in value, when the reality is that the majority of homes in the survey area have lost value during the...Continue Reading!

New Inspection Requirements Coming for Unincorporated Areas in Texas

Do you live in Texas? Is the home you are building or planning to remodel in an unincorporated part of your county or in a community that does not provide municipal inspections? If you answered "YES" to both of these questions, a new part of the Texas Administrative Code goes into effect on September 1, 2008 that will apply to your builder or remodeler. These changes are meant to protect consumers by ensuring that builders and remodelers (more…)Continue Reading!

Changes coming to FHA cash investment requirements!

Have you been thinking about buying a home in the near future? You might want to do that sooner rather than later. A friend of mine in the mortgage business told me today that there will soon be a change in the cash investment required for FHA loans. Currently, a minimum 3 percent cash investment is required for FHA loans. Soon, (more…)Continue Reading!

Recent Trends in Homebuilding

According to Ilyce Glink, who recently attended the National Home Builders Convention, the latest trends in homebuilding show that new homeowners prefer a traditional look that accents a home's natural beauty. This "traditional" includes hand-carved doors, hand-made stained glass, and hand-finished wood floors. The home must also be wired such that the latest technology is accessible and operational, from security systems to computer access for every family member. Another trend is the idea for flexible living space. In other words, a...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader How Much Does a Home in College Station Really Cost?

Everyone knows that a $200,000 home costs more than a $180,000 home whether in Bryan or College Station - right? Yes and maybe... The $200,000 home costs more in the beginning. But there are many things that determine the true long term cost of a house. Below are a few things to consider when trying to decide home the REAL cost of a home. (more…)Continue Reading!

$7,500 Tax Credit for First-Time Home Buyers in the new Housing Stimulus Bill

Among the many items in the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 that are designed to help real estate and the overall economic market is a temporary $7,500 tax credit for first-time homebuyers. Here is a fact sheet prepared by Gregory S. Brown, Assistant Staff Vice President for Government Affairs of (more…)Continue Reading!