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Aggieland Get Your Boots on and Support Our Troops!

Today is Veteran's Day, which is a day that makes us all reflect on the sacrifices our troops past, current, and future have made for our freedom!  We are so blessed to live in a country where we are free all because of the selflessness of those who have chosen to serve.  Today is a good day for me to announce my participation in the Boot Campaign. The Boot Campaign is a grassroots initiative started by five women from Texas known...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Fun Friday Stork Post for College Station New Parents

This was just TOO fun to not post! What fun it is to welcome a new baby into the world and make Mom & Dad Leatherwood smile! Working with Emily at The Stork Market in Bryan College Station was SOOOO easy! Just a phone call (or email to [email protected]) and now there is a giant stork in the Leatherwood's front yard. The sign is rented for 7 or 10 days and comes with a hand painted star with baby Jax information for the...Continue Reading!

Get Your Fitness on in the Brazos Valley!

[youtube][/youtube] If you’re anything like me, you probably like the results of working out and staying fit but you don’t have the motivation to work out consistently on your own at the gym, nor the pocket book to afford a personal trainer. A few months back, my wife took me to a Dynamic Fitness boot camp that I was afraid would be all women and wouldn’t push me as hard as I wanted. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Not only...Continue Reading!

Bryan College Station lend a face find a cure!

Every 3 minutes, a woman in the US learns she has breast cancer.  This effects all of us as we all have women we love.  As you are more than likely aware, October is breast cancer awareness month, and the perfect time to get the word out to every woman you love that they need to perform a monthly breast self exam as well as schedule a mammogram every year after age 40.  There are numerous events and shows of...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Home Alone — Do You Know Where Your Pet Is?

Cute Dog Found and Properly Identified!As real estate agents in Bryan/College Station, we often find ourselves observing many things in our community throughout the course of our day.  Recently while finishing up photographing a new listing in Southwood Valley, I noticed a cute dog frolicking down the street.  I noticed, too, that while he was obviously enjoying his new found freedom on a beautiful fall day, he was unattended by his owner.  I finished up my photos, and drove down...Continue Reading!

National Night Out Tonight in Bryan/College Station

[youtube][/youtube] Tonight is National Night Out in Bryan/College Station, so get out and meet your neighbors.  We live in one of the safest cities in the country, however crime still does occur, so what can we do to curb the small amount of crime that rears it's head every once in a while....get to know your neighbors!  Tonight is the night to do just that.  There will be National Night Out parties in different parks and subdivisions around the cities, so...Continue Reading!