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The Rich are Different than you and I

 They have more money! Aside from the obvious fact that they do have more money the rich can seem to have a different mindset. As a realtor for 14 years I have worked with all types of clients.   The people who have to get gift funds to buy their first house to the people that can write a check for any type of property they desire. It has been said that the poor plan for the weekend and the rich plan for their grandchildren's futures. Real estate is a...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Bryan-College Station Tx Need Financing for a Rehab Home?

So you found a rehab deal in Bryan or College Station, Tx. And with the renovation costs and the after repair value, this property will turn into a nice profit. You probably can even set a price that will make for a quick sale when the rehab is at completion. There is just one thing holding you back – finding the money to purchase it! In recent times, it was fairly easy. You would pick up your phone...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Foreclosure Home for a $1.00?

From an article in the Detroit News, this house in Detroit, Michigan was recently listed for $1.00. That's right. One American greenback. It sold for full price! The buyer plans to pay cash. Between sales commission and $1,000 bonus, buyer's closing costs, back taxes and a past due water bill, the sale will cost the bank owner about $10,000. The empty, foreclosed home is now a shell of its former self. As a vacant home, ...Continue Reading!

Record price paid for Riviera home

The UK's TimesOnline published a story on Monday, August 11, 2008 about a Russian oligarch who paid a record $750 million (£392 million) for a villa on the French Riviera. Villa Leopolda, a mansion once owned by King Leopold II of Belgium and Gianni Agnelli, the Fiat tycoon, is located on the French Riviera between Nice and Monaco. The previous record price for a residential property was said to be £57 million, paid by Lakshmi Mittal, a steel tycoon, for a property...Continue Reading!

Is Your Home’s Value Declining? Maybe Not!

In an article dated August 6, 2008 in the San Francisco Chronicle, Chronicle staff writer James Temple wrote about the state of the housing market in the Golden State and the results of a confidence survey commissioned by real estate web site Zillow. The point of the survey is that most homeowners feel their homes have increased or held steady in value, when the reality is that the majority of homes in the survey area have lost value during the...Continue Reading!

Why Aggieland??? -Why savvy Real Estate investors are looking at College Station.

Ahhh College Station!!! For me, It's home sweet home, but for many investors it Real Estate is becoming Dollar Signs sweet Dollar Signs! College Station host a cocktail of factors attributing it to being one of the best Real Estate markets in the nation. (dare I say... With the weakening of the dollar, one of the best in the World) What have we got got going on down here in College Station???: -Texas A&M University-7th Largest University in US by enrollment- Whoop!!!! Wikipedia...Continue Reading!