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The Century Tree Reader Planning an Appeal

BRYAN, TX -- So your property value drops in a shrinking economy. What can you do? Make sure that your tax value is decreasing, as well. Brazos County mails out estimates for the year 2009 in June. That's four months away, you exclaim. Yes, plenty of time to investigate your property's current market value and to prepare your tax appeal, I say. Your case for a request to lower the property's value is not simply based on your feelings...Continue Reading!

Postive Spin

BRYAN, TX -- Gosh, ever since the election, the media seem happier about the war on terror in Iraq, the outlook of our economy, and spending of consumers. Is it all based on the results of the election? Or is it a figment of our imagination? See how saavy you are on the economy in our neck of the woods, based on an article from Texas Realtor Magazine, October 2008: 1. What percentage of all Texas homes are...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader What’s Your Appraisal Worth?

Bryan, TX -- In a slower real estate season, what good is your appraisal? Verdad Valuation Services owner Kelly Seaton says plenty. It's still a reliable tool to know when a buyer presents the seller with a low-ball offer or when it's a good deal. "In June and July when business is booming, sales data was plentiful. Last months sales were a good indicator of a property's present value," Seaton said. "When there is a sudden shift in...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader How to get rid of PMI – Part Two

Last time we learned that PMI, like PMS, doesn't last forever.  Aside from home owners asking for it to be removed and aside from lenders terminating it when the principal balance of the loan reaches 78% of the original loan amount, there is another way to have it eradicated. For people living in areas where their home value has risen, the value could actually exceed the amount of principal owned on the mortgage.  In this situation the lender is under no...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Pre-Sales Appraisal Services

Bryan, TX -- Looking for a second opinion on your home's value? Enlist the services of an objective, third party Appraiser. You will receive an accurate description of your home's features and a detailed analysis of the most recent and similar "comparable sales". "Having a recent appraisal of your home can be very useful at the negotiating table," said Kelly Seaton, owner of Verdad Valuation Services. When interested parties see an appraisal, an inspection, a survey, or...Continue Reading!

Credit Crunch? Media Feeding Frenzy

BRYAN, TX -- You and I know the media are out to make a buck. And most people know that a majority of the news is presented in a cunning way to grab your attention to increase media viewership to sell more ads to make a buck. What viewers may not know is that the recent hype on the alphabet soup mortgage companies (WaMu, AIG, FNM, FRM, ...) is just that - hype. Sensationalism to get you excited to grab...Continue Reading!