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The Century Tree Reader Granite Counter Tops Worth it in College Station?

Have you ever wondered if your College Station home would look better with granite counter tops? Do you know how they would wear? How much would it cost? Of all the surfaces inside of the house, counter tops usually have to endure all the wear and tear. Anything you don't want laying around on the floor usually ends up on counter tops, and accidents like to happen when given enough time. Even worse, scratches and gouges can be eye magnets, but...Continue Reading!

Real Estate Reads

CASABLANCA MOROCCO -- You think your last sales transaction was cursed...spend some time in the North Africa real estate and you'll see Bryan Texas as a cake walk. The Caliph's House by Tahir Shaw accounts a real estate adventure. The London businessman grows tired of the rat-race and finds an ancient riad - mansion - in Casablanca.  Aside from learning the nuances of the Islamic culture Shaw tries to renovate his palatial compound and meet the neighbors. The storyline is similar to...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Do I need a permit?

BRYAN, TX -- Well, I'm not really doing any major structural repairs...No one will notice if I add-on a little room here...The city is just out to make an extra buck on my renovations.  Yes, we've heard all the excuses for not pulling a permit on your little bathroom upgrade. Think about it from a community position, though.  If you don't visit the City of Bryan website to apply for a permit, you're jeopardizing your good neighbors in the loss of...Continue Reading!

First Impressions count when selling a house in Bryan/College Station!

Everyone knows that "first impressions count" when meeting new people, when interviewing for a job, really for doing just about anything!!  Selling your house also falls into that cliche.  The market has spawned a buyer that has the opportunity to be very picky and they are unforgiving!  To be able to stand out from all the rest, sellers are being forced to pay closer attention to detail and make sure their I's are dotted and their T's are crossed.  What should sellers do to...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Chicken Chic

BRYAN, TX --  Shabby Chic has come to include chickens!! With all of the interest in green products and organic foods, you had to know it was just a matter of time before raising hens became hip. Truly, there is no better pet than a brood of hens (call me if you wanna hear stories about roosters:(  Poultry in motion - they are cheap cute and cuddly.  Their food and water is low maintenance.  Then they give you eggs every 26 hours....Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Electric Lawn Mowers – Green but Grievous

BRYAN, TX -- The Texas Municipal Power Agency encourages homeowners to use electric lawn mowers rather than gas to promote cleaner air.  They are offering vouchers worth $150 toward the purchase of an electric-powered machine, corded or cordless. You're thinking, I gotta push this reel mower or work my way around power cords?  That's a big sacrifice for clean air.  Well, Black and Decker does have a handy 24V battery mower but it will only cut up to 1/3 of an...Continue Reading!