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Tips for Staging your College Station Home, Ensuring a Faster Sale

When I am selling a Bryan/College Station home, I always offer tips to the seller concerning how to put their home in the best light for showings. First impressions are lasting impressions. And in soft market times, it is important to show your listing at its best advantage. (more…)Continue Reading!

LEED Certified Buildings a New Trend in College Station & Bryan

Bryan saw its first LEED certified building go up in 2009.  College Station has registered 11 LEED certified buildings for 2010, including many at Texas A&M University as well as College Station High School.  This relatively new trend in building is beginning to make the move from public establishments to homes across the state and country.  So why consider LEED building for your new home? (more…)Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Bryan/College Station Homeowner’s Insurance Tips

The Insurance Information Institute warns against cutting your homeowner's insurance during hard economic times.  Being under-insured can cost you more in the event you have to make a claim.   Be wary of the following: Insuring a home for its real estate value rather than the cost of rebuilding. Selecting an insurance compnay by price alone. Dropping flood insurance if in an area wher it is not required by the lender, but ther is a chance of flooding. For renters, neglecting to purchase renter's insurance. In most...Continue Reading!

Products to Green your College Station Home

As I've stressed in previous posts, College Station is going green, and this is a highly important movement for our community.  What are some ways that the College Station homeowner can do more to lower their energy usage and keep their environment green?  (more…)Continue Reading!

Trends with Space in College Station

One common question I am presented with is, what are some current home trends I can use in my College Station home?  Whether it is a result of having lots of extra space, limited available space, (square footage is going down -  KB Homes for example offers a 900 sq. ft. home.) or simply wanting to get creative, here are a few ideas. (more…)Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader You Have a Leak Under Your House – Now What?

[youtube][/youtube] Do you know if your house (or home you are wanting to purchase) has a broken pipe under slab? How do you know?  Who do you call in College Station if you need to know?  Let us help direct you! Susan Hilton CENTURY 21 Beal, Inc. 979-764-2100 Real Estate for Bryan College Station! Call 979-764-2121 and hear information on ANY property for sale in the Brazos Valley.Continue Reading!