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The Century Tree Reader Foundation Issues and Prevention for Bryan College Station

Bryan College Station home owners, are you concerned about your foundation - the stabilizing factor of your home? Are you seeing cracks in the tile? Are there cracks in the brick outside or sheetrock inside? Have you had your foundation repaired and now are concerned that it may not last? As with most things in life, rather than just fixing the problem - lets change the conditions that caused the issue in the first place so the problem does not come back. Is...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader What ALL Do You Need to Know When Buying in College Station?

Buying a home in College Station for the first time at times can be intimidating.  With financing, which house, which location, how many bedrooms you can seem like it will never end.  Then... You figure out which one you want. Your Realtor negotiates a great purchase price. Your inspections come back showing the house is structurally sound. You finish your mortgage process. You go to closing at (more…)Continue Reading!

The Best Smelling Store in Town!

[youtube][/youtube] One day I was hosting an open house in Castlegate, when a lovely couple came in. We got to visiting, and they told me that they owned a store called The Candle Box in Post Oak Mall. They told me that they hand poured their own candles and had every scent you could imagine. The next day, I made my way to Post Oak Mall to check out their store! I immediately fell in love with the store! It is right...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Photoshop Homes for Sale? How Much is Too Much?

How Photoshop is too much? How much 'cleaning up' and 'lighting' and 'enhancing' of photos on listings and agents is acceptable? Of course the seller wants the house to shine but how much is too much? Is it ok (more…)Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Best of the Brazos Valley – category missing from the survey

COLLEGE STATION, TX -- They left one off of the voting ballot this year...the absent classification was for the best laundry room in town. Not a washateria where you pay to use a commercial machine.  But I mean the best utility/hobby/washing area ever!  It is 140 square feet of organization, efficiency and wash command.  A most important realm for large families. The location of this luxurious laundry room (and other fabulous amenities) is 51 Pamela Lane in College Station (MLS # 59974)....Continue Reading!

How to Present Your College Station Home in its Best Light

Many of the College Station residents I've spoken with recently are faced with the decision to sell their home; for some, this can be a worrisome issue.  But this process does not have to be as stressful as it seems!  A recurring question is, "How will my home do on the market?"  As I've mentioned recently, it is a buyer's market, so it is imperative for a seller to present the best product possible if they want to get a good deal on their home.   As I...Continue Reading!