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The Century Tree Reader Tips On How To Increase The Value of Your Bryan-College Station Home

These are a few easy steps to help your home become more appealing to a possible buyer. Of course people who are looking to sale there home do not want to pay a ton of money and go above and beyond repairing their home if they are about to move! Good news, we have some steps you can take to increase the value and make your home very appealing! So read over these steps and consider following through with them before selling your...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Look Out For Spring/Summer Scammers In The Brazos Valley

When warm weather is coming out, often times scammers do too. It is important to know that Navasota Valley Electric Cooperative will not ever send anyone to your home looking for needed work. When spring arrives you receive plenty of telephone calls, uninvited visitors looking for work, door hangers offering help such as landscaping, roofing, painting and home-repair services. It is important to be aware that many of them will scam you so your smartest choice would be to say...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Fire Ants In The Brazos Valley

Texans in The Brazos Valley and the rest of the state have tried burning, drowning, smashing, poisoning and more to kill fire ants but they always seem to come back! After The University of Texas has put 20 years of research into this particular problem and they have now reached a solution! Phorid flies may not be what you were thinking but suprisingly enough that is the solution. Phorid flies lay eggs in the ants body. The egg hatches and larva moves into...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Choosing A Contractor In The Brazos Valley

 Improving your home in The Brazos Valley can be a fun project but if you are not careful about the contractor you pick it could turn into a very stressful experience! Before you choose a contractor to hire it is important to find out any and all information about their work as a contractor. Ask around with friends, family, coworkers etc. who have done similar jobs. If you want more information about a contractor try an internet search for the Home Builder’s Association. This will...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Lawn Mowers and Their Link to Air Pollution In The Brazos Valley

Lawn mowers in Bryan-College Station and many other places are used to help keep our yards looking nice but according to estimates from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), engines used to maintain lawns and gardens make up 5 percent of U.S. air pollution. The air pollution released by gasoline powered equipment is extreme. According to the EPA using a gasoline-powered lawn mower for one hour produces the same amount of smog-forming hydrocarbons as driving a vehicle almost 200 miles. Lawn mowers produce carbon...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Vacant Homes in Bryan College Station – Insurance Coverage?

Is your home vacant? If you are a seller or landlord in the Brazos Valley and your real estate is vacant, be sure to talk with your  insurance agent. Will your homeowners insurance still cover your house if it is vacant and there is damage? What if it burns? What if it is vandalized?  Most insurance policies specifically exclude vacancies after a specified amount of time and the last thing you need is for their to be a fire or...Continue Reading!