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The Century Tree Reader Behind in Your House Payments?

What do you do if you fall behind in your home loan payments? DON'T WAIT!!!! TALK WITH YOUR LENDER NOW!!! FHA Loans - If you are in a home with an FHA loan contact a HUD approved housing counseling agency (1-800-569-4287 or TDD: 1-800-483-2209) and work with them to help you out of this mess. They are there to help you! FHA loans have a few options - 1. Special Forbearance - This is where your lender arranges for you to arrange for...Continue Reading!

Foreclosure – Short Sale – Is There Really a Difference to Me?

As we see more and more on the national news about foreclosures I am asked more and more questions about the difference between a foreclosure and short sale. Agents, buyers and sellers are forming opinions of how things work in Bryan/College Station based on what they heard.... Believe me, the foreclosure laws are NOT the same in Texas and Michigan! The process is very very different! But, with our unhealthy desire to watch cable news (yes, it is on my...Continue Reading!