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Postive Spin

BRYAN, TX -- Gosh, ever since the election, the media seem happier about the war on terror in Iraq, the outlook of our economy, and spending of consumers. Is it all based on the results of the election? Or is it a figment of our imagination? See how saavy you are on the economy in our neck of the woods, based on an article from Texas Realtor Magazine, October 2008: 1. What percentage of all Texas homes are...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader How to get rid of PMI – Part One

No I didn't say PMS. If I knew that, then I'd be a millionaire. PMI - your Private Mortgage Insurance protects your lender in case if a borrower defaults on the loan, and the value of the home is lower than the loan balance. PMI has been a large money-maker for the mortgage lenders. The amount of the insurance (usually $40/month for a $100k home) is commonly rolled into the mortgage payment. Given the size of the...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Taking a Stand Against Foreclosures

The mortgage foreclosure epidemic has been taking thousand of families who can no longer afford to pay their mortgage and putting them out on the streets. But what about the families who are still making their monthly payments, do they deserve to be thrown out too? In apartment complexes all across the country, good tenants, who have never so much as missed a payment, are being evicted from their apartments because building owners have fallen behind on their mortgage payments....Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Mortgage Problems in College Station or Bryan?

Behind in your home mortgage payments in College Station or Bryan? Why do people wait to let a Realtor help? I find it difficult to understand why home owners who find themselves behind in the home mortgage payments wait and don't contact a Realtor for help before they lose their homes to foreclosure. We see if over and over and I find it terribly sad. If a home owner will contact a Realtor when they find they are getting behind on their...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Foreclosure Home for a $1.00?

From an article in the Detroit News, this house in Detroit, Michigan was recently listed for $1.00. That's right. One American greenback. It sold for full price! The buyer plans to pay cash. Between sales commission and $1,000 bonus, buyer's closing costs, back taxes and a past due water bill, the sale will cost the bank owner about $10,000. The empty, foreclosed home is now a shell of its former self. As a vacant home, ...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader How Do You Avoid Foreclosure in College Station Tx?

Every homeowner should know the basics of avoiding foreclosure. Whether you purchased real estate in College Station Texas or Denver Colorado - foreclosure is NOT what you want! When you purchased your home you never thought you'd get behind on your payments. You never thought you'd have the bank sending you letters about late payments or past due payments. Below are a few ideas on how to prevent (more…)Continue Reading!