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The Century Tree Reader Short Sale Advisory for Homeowners in Bryan College Station

What is a Short Sale? A Short Sale is the sale of real estate where the price paid is insufficient to pay the loan or loans against the property, plus the costs to sell the property (title policy, title fees, legal fees, real estate sales commissions, etc.), and the seller cannot pay the difference. There are a multitude of issues in a Short Sale, including (but not limited to) legal and financial (more…)Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Short Sales in Bryan College Station – What Now?

Today, there are 1,456 properties listed for sale in the Bryan College Station Multiple Listing Service. 1,286 of the 1,456 are NOT condominiums, town homes recreation properties or mobile homes without land. One issue which exists in the Brazos Valley is that no “field” can be found on the MLS data display to identify which properties are Short Sales and which ones are Foreclosures. So, how do you know how many homes (more…)Continue Reading!

Foreclosures Available in Bryan College Station and aroung the Brazos Valley

Foreclosures in Bryan and College Station continue even with the letter from the Attorney General advising lenders to review the accuracy of documents and the integrity of the loan servicing and administration of the foreclosure process." A few of the newer, nice properties in College Station include - 1725 Harvey Mitchell Parkway - College Station, Tx 4590 Greens Prairie - College Station, Tx (more…)Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Texas Foreclosures Stopped- How Will This Affect Bryan College Station?

The Texas Attorney General has sent a demand letter to lenders asking that they “suspend all foreclosures, all sales of properties previously foreclosed upon, and all evictions of persons residing in previously foreclosed upon properties." What does this mean for Bryan College Station foreclosures or even the country? Does this mean that people who do not or cannot pay their house payment can stay in their homes? Does this mean that the banks (you & me) pay for their homes? When...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Avoid Foreclosure-Prevention Scams in College Station/Bryan

With mortgage delinquencies across the nation at an all time high, many desperate homeowners are seeking to avoid foreclosure at any cost.  The problem is, there are plenty of scam artists out to take advantage of that fact.  For scam artists, this high level of foreclosures is seen as an opportunity to profit off of others' misfortunes.  Between October 2009 to April 2010, community development groups handled over 10,000 reports of foreclosure-prevention scams.   (more…)Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader As Market Picks Back Up, So Do Homebuilders

As the real estate market picks back up, so does the progress on new home building. Crowley construction is nearing completion on two if its custom builds, 3515 Matoska Ridge and 303 Timber, and if you haven’t stopped by lately to take a look at either of these, it’s about time you did. The house on 3515 Matoska is a beautiful farmhouse style home set on 1.27 wooded acres in Indian Lakes. The house is painted both inside and out and...Continue Reading!