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The Century Tree Reader Bryan Foreclosure For Sale November 2010

Do you know what this symbol means? Online marketing companies are pushing TAGS for marketing properties. If you have a smart phone, you can scan the symbol above and it will take you directly to the web page with the information you are looking for. No typing in the web address - just scan and go. Will you scan? Will you move to this technology? So, if you are looking to buy a foreclosure in (more…)Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader So You Want a Foreclosure in Bryan College Station…

So you decide you are ready to purchase a home and you think you want a foreclosure in Bryan or College Station.  We are marketing several foreclosures in all price ranges and I'd like your opinion on the best way to showcasethe property for sale. Yes, I know - this one is really nice and is easy to provide pictures and virtual tours so I started here. Which Virtual Tour do you like best? Professional Tour of 3705 Creston - Bryan Foreclosure using...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Foreclosure Lawsuit Soap Box – What is Yours?

I'm struggling with understanding the latest foreclosure lawsuits and maybe someone out there can help me understand. The CNN Money article and news report explains a little about how all the Robo-Signing lawsuit and foreclosure moretorium started. What I don't understand is why the family who "started it all" feel they have the right to stay in the home (more…)Continue Reading!

Foreclosures in Bryan College Station Coming to a Halt?

Bank of America ramped back up their foreclosure process in 23 judicial foreclosure states according to the Wall Street Journal. What does that mean for Texas? Not much since we are not a judicial foreclosure state but it does mean that they believe they have the right and the documentation in place to move forward with foreclosures. I have not seen much of a slow down with foreclosures or the foreclosure sales process in Bryan College Station. (more…)Continue Reading!

Short Sale, Foreclosure or Loan Modification Options – Procedures

Before you decide whether a Short Sale, Foreclosure, or Loan Modification for your Bryan College Station home is the best choice for you, hopefully you will have researched and read my previous posts (links shown below). Be sure you know what the long-term effects will be for your decision. For this post, let’s assume that you have decided (more…)Continue Reading!

Walking into the World of Short Sales & Foreclosures of Bryan College Station Alone?

Don't be like this woman in Coronado walking into the unknown world of Short Sales & Foreclosures all alone. If you are behind on your house payments in Bryan College Station call me and let me help! [youtube][/youtube] (more…)Continue Reading!