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The Century Tree Reader Foreclosures Are Happening in Bryan and College Station, Texas Too!

Foreclosure is NOT an example of a character flaw. Foreclosure is almost always an EMPLOYMENT issue or an ILLNESS issue or a true UNEXPECTED EXPENSE issue that you could not have planned for. Yes, Foreclosures, Short Sales and Distressed properties are happening in Bryan and College Station, Texas TOO! Remember we cannot control LIFE - we can only control what we DO after Life Happens. Did you know... 2007 Foreclosures increased on a quarterly basis all four quarters of the year... up...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Bryan College Station Foreclosures Available!

FORECLOSURES in Brazos County!!! Looking for a foreclosure home in the Bryan, College Station, Hearne, Marquez, Hearne or Navasota area?  Click on this link which will take you to my profile page. Click on LISTINGS and you will see the latest available information of properties that are currently available.  If you want to be notified when we are GETTING a new foreclosure home send me a note!   All foreclosure properties we put on the market are available to...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Do we need more foreclosures?

Foreclosure is a scary word, but experts say it is a word that needs to used more often.  It is something that no one wants more of, but it is something that this market very well may need.  The Obama administration has tried with multiple programs to help save the fledgling market to no avail. According to CNN Money, some housing experts say that if the administration is interested in the future, it should help speed up the foreclosure process to get the delinquent borrowers...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Foreclosure Financing for Fannie Mae Properties in Brazos County

Fannie Mae foreclosures in the Brazos County become available for sale under a First Look Program which is designed to put homeowners in the home to help stabilize neighborhoods and so that homeowners do not have to compete with investors.   During the First Look Marketing Period a property can only be sold to a qualified buyer. The First Look Marketing Period is 15 days after (more…)Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Vacant Homes in Bryan College Station – Insurance Coverage?

Is your home vacant? If you are a seller or landlord in the Brazos Valley and your real estate is vacant, be sure to talk with your  insurance agent. Will your homeowners insurance still cover your house if it is vacant and there is damage? What if it burns? What if it is vandalized?  Most insurance policies specifically exclude vacancies after a specified amount of time and the last thing you need is for their to be a fire or...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Fannie Mae Foreclosure Education for College Station Foreclosure Specialist

As a Broker for Fannie Mae foreclosure sales in Bryan and College Station, I attended a conference today with the Fannie Mae Representatives. Below is a short summary of Session 1 giving a little information about which institutions have the majority of foreclosures throughout the country and what options consumers with Fannie Mae loans have. Fannie Mae has about 23% of the foreclosures in the country. (I expected them to have more with all the publicity they receive.) Fannie Mae 23% Private Label...Continue Reading!