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The Century Tree Reader Needing Insurance for your College Station, Tx Home

What are benefits associated with home insurance and how do I go about choosing the right insurance for me? This common question seems a bit daunting from the start, however, there are certain questions you can ask yourself before choosing an insurance company to help direct you. When you are shopping for a new home, there are many small and large decisions and details to be worked out in the process. The following information will help you walk through the basic...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader New Texas Regulations will affect Homeowners Associations

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) in the Brazos Valley are neighborhoods that have set certain rules, fees and conditions for homeowners. The lack of a regulation policy is primarily due to the independence of the Homeowners Association from the state of Texas. Unlike Florida or California, Texas law has very little regulation regarding Homeowners Associations throughout the state. This is changing, however, thanks to recent bills that were passed through the Texas Legislature meant to monitor the implementation of HOAs. It is always possible...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Disaster City in College Station

In the town of College Station, Texas lays a dormant and remote neighborhood, entirely destroyed. Fifty-two acres of buildings and concrete crumbling in a dusted ruin, rusted vehicles flipped and crushed, and piles of rubble stacked stories high characterize this site: an area known to many as the ‘Disaster City’. Imagine College Station real estate destroyed! While it might look as though merciless calamity has struck this region of the otherwise developed Aggieland, Disaster City is nothing more than a façade:...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Using Technology to Find a Home – Does Zillow Help?

Through the technological development of modern industries, many dealings which were once done in person are now accomplishing many of the same achievements online, without so much as a spoken word - even in Aggieland.  This is obvious in the growing online market, visible through companies like Amazon, and is required for most, if not all, modern retailers to continue surviving. So why not the Real Estate Business? Conventional Real Estate has endured as a personal industry for much longer...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Thank You!

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The Century Tree Reader After the Debris Falls: Implosion of the University Plaza Hotel in College Station, Texas

When I woke up on Thursday, May 24th, to watch the University Plaza Hotel implosion, I had expected to drive up to the Bonfire Memorial on Texas A&M Campus. There I would find a remote hill that overlooked the campus’ border tree-line so I could see as much of the building as possible without being caught in the crowds. Things didn’t work out how I had planned. The streets were blocked off. Traffic was insane. And all of Bryan, College Station...Continue Reading!