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“90% of millionaires became so through owning real estate.” – Andrew Carnegie

Are you tired of the poor returns or losses that traditional investments have provided over the last few years ? Maybe it is time to explore some of the benefits offered by investing in real estate in Bryan College Station. In this blog, I will discuss real estate returns vs. traditional investment returns, tax advantages and the control you can have over your financial future but please know I am "just a Realtor" and not your investment broker. Returns: Real Estate...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Planning an Appeal

BRYAN, TX -- So your property value drops in a shrinking economy. What can you do? Make sure that your tax value is decreasing, as well. Brazos County mails out estimates for the year 2009 in June. That's four months away, you exclaim. Yes, plenty of time to investigate your property's current market value and to prepare your tax appeal, I say. Your case for a request to lower the property's value is not simply based on your feelings...Continue Reading!

Postive Spin

BRYAN, TX -- Gosh, ever since the election, the media seem happier about the war on terror in Iraq, the outlook of our economy, and spending of consumers. Is it all based on the results of the election? Or is it a figment of our imagination? See how saavy you are on the economy in our neck of the woods, based on an article from Texas Realtor Magazine, October 2008: 1. What percentage of all Texas homes are...Continue Reading!

Credit Crunch? Media Feeding Frenzy

BRYAN, TX -- You and I know the media are out to make a buck. And most people know that a majority of the news is presented in a cunning way to grab your attention to increase media viewership to sell more ads to make a buck. What viewers may not know is that the recent hype on the alphabet soup mortgage companies (WaMu, AIG, FNM, FRM, ...) is just that - hype. Sensationalism to get you excited to grab...Continue Reading!

Armed Forces members given needed breaks with the New Housing Bill

While on, I read an interesting article to share. Service members returning from active duty abroad will be given breaks. Some protections apply to service members whose military obligations affect their ability to repay debts, primarily Reservists and members of the National Guard who are called to active duty. They have to leave their jobs and, in many cases, take pay cuts. For those service members, there is protection having to do with foreclosures and interest...Continue Reading!

Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty?

The Eagle ran a great article Thursday about the general health of the Bryan & College Station commercial real estate... Post your reactions to these statements. I'll start: For years I've thought the Bryan and College Station real estate market was (more…)Continue Reading!