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The Century Tree Reader My Century 21 Beal Experience So Far -Trina Short

It is so nice to find a company that makes you feel right at home and treats you with so much respect. The first time I met with Century 21 Beal, they welcomed me with open arms and have helped me in any way that I could possibly need. Mike Beal and Susan Hilton just have amazing personalities and made me feel right at home! They are truly my mentors! My experience with them has helped me so much in...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Why did the Scott Family Leave Paradise to Live in Bryan College Station?

Why did Pete, Rhonda and Chloe Scott leave paradise to live in Bryan/College Station, Texas? First of all, I feel very blessed to have lived overseas and experienced another culture.  My wife, daughter and I developed some wonderful friendships that we will always cherish.  I also learned a lot professionally working with real estate investors and real estate developers.  Costa Rica will always have a special place in my heart. So why would I leave Paradise to live in Bryan/College Station, Texas? ...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Drinking From A Firehose…

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and, honestly, I have been tremendously busy. There is a reason that I have titled this post “Drinking From A Fire Hose:” please allow me to explain. This has been my unofficial theme since beginning my career with Century 21 Beal in Bryan/College Station after school ended. In my first training this phrase was mentioned by our instructor, referring to the immense amount of “have to’s” that was literally spewing...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader First Week in Real Estate in College Station, Texas

Do you remember that feeling you had when you woke up on the day of your graduation, or the day of your wedding? Just that concoction of emotions in the deepest pit of your stomach that lets you know you are about to embark on uncharted territory: the nervousness of leaving something familiar behind for something unknown—like the anticipation of that first kiss; the excitement of beginning something new; the hope of success and happiness; and the unwavering focus that...Continue Reading!