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The Century Tree Reader How scary is a Real Estate Contract?

Real Estate contracts are full of legal terms that can be difficult to understand.  Be sure to ask before you sign - any misunderstanding may be costly to you in the future.  I am here to help you with any real estate question you may have.  Here are a few definitions that I think may be helpful when thinking about buying a home. Adjustable-rate Mortgage (ARM) - A mortgage that does not have a fixed interest rate.  Based on market conditions, the...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Summer Utilities Savings Solutions

Get ready to save energy in your home this summer to beat the Texas heat and lower utility bills! Here is your guide to becoming a smarter, more energy-efficient homeowner this summer. Since almost half of the energy used in homes goes toward cooling (or heating), here are three simple ways to reduce those costs. First, set thermostats to an appropriate temperature. For instance, when no one is home, thermostats should be raised to prevent the cooling units from running constantly. This...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader FS = For Sale

College Station, TX -- The real estate section in your paper sometimes reads more like alphabet soup.  How do you make out the difference between ISO and FSBO  or 3/2  and 4/2.5/2?  Let's walk through some of the lingo REALTORS use in newspaper copy and in the office. Take my lovely listing, 51 Pamela for example MLS # 59974.  MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service.  It is FS for sale.  It is not a "FSBO" or for-sale-by-owner because I represent the...Continue Reading!

Credit Problem in Purchasing a Home in College Station

The first quarter is closed and 12 Mortgage Companies hit an all time high of 35% increase from last year due to sending their CREDIT CHALLANGED clients to CCRS Credit Services for help. Over 60 NEW HOME OWNERS in the first quarter alone and several more are ready for the 2ND quarter so if you have credit problems you may can STILL BUY A HOME!!  Call CCRS Credit Services for HELP!!! They will help you correct your credit issues, increase your scores and hopefully...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader The Client – Designing a House!

Susan, you asked me to write an article or two stating what is involved in designing a house.  Well, there are a lot of different things and a lot of different steps and I could probably write a book about the process.   So maybe we could break it up into chronological pieces??  Seems simple...  That being said, I guess I should start with the client, since that is the most important piece of the puzzle.     The Client...  I have yet to...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Credit Problem – What do I do?

    Unfortunately, the economic climate in the U.S. is pretty dismal right now. A lot of people are losing their jobs, and their sources of income: the New York Times revealed that in February alone, about 651,000 U.S. jobs disappeared. Unemployment is steadily climbing and many Americans are finding themselves at a loss for options.     What makes the situation worse, for many people, is debt. A lot of people actively use credit cards to build credit and finance stuff they can't immediately...Continue Reading!