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Home Warranty – Do I Really Need One?

Do you really need a home warranty? OK it isn't really a home warranty. It is a Home Protection Plan. They can't call it a warranty because they aren't really giving a warranty on everything - they are just helping with some things...  Legal Issues require strange wording. I have a warranty on my car and insurance too... But, do you need to purchase a Home Protection Plan for your home when you purchase? Is it really worth (more…)Continue Reading!

Walking into the World of Short Sales & Foreclosures of Bryan College Station Alone?

Don't be like this woman in Coronado walking into the unknown world of Short Sales & Foreclosures all alone. If you are behind on your house payments in Bryan College Station call me and let me help! [youtube][/youtube] (more…)Continue Reading!

2010 Holidays October – Which Ones Will You Celebrate?

How many 2010 holidays can there really be? Have you ever wanted to take a day off and didn't know what to use as an excuse? NOW YOU KNOW!!!  Each month on the first of the month I'll post the "Holidays/Excuses" for the month.  So... Happy _________ Day! October Oct 1-   Lee’s National Denim Day Oct 2-   World Card Making Day Oct 3-   Alternative Fuel Day Oct 4-   Improve Your Office Day Oct 5-   World Teachers Day (more…)Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Deed Restrictions in Brazos Valley – Not All Are Enforced!

Yes, the first photo is blurred "to protect the innocent." Have you ever seen a neighborhood that says the enforce deed restrictions but then allow people to have junk cars and trucks or trash in the yard or beatup trailers or.... This neighborhood is not in Bryan or College Station but is in Burleson County. I was out checking a couple "new to us" foreclosures and saw the 2 big signs in front of the neighborhood and just couldn't resist snapping a few...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Texas Foreclosures Stopped- How Will This Affect Bryan College Station?

The Texas Attorney General has sent a demand letter to lenders asking that they “suspend all foreclosures, all sales of properties previously foreclosed upon, and all evictions of persons residing in previously foreclosed upon properties." What does this mean for Bryan College Station foreclosures or even the country? Does this mean that people who do not or cannot pay their house payment can stay in their homes? Does this mean that the banks (you & me) pay for their homes? When...Continue Reading!

The Century Tree Reader Autumn, Prices Falling

COLLEGE STATION TX -- With music - "The harvest now is over the summer days are gone....." tell me where this line is sung. I'll even give you the composer: Felix Mendelssohn.  At summer's end the peak of real estate season draws to a close.  But the fall sale season opens. The owners of 51 Pamela Lane have reduced their listing price by $24,000. Check out all the amenities you get for $375,000: 3.23 acres with a 20x20...Continue Reading!