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My Century 21 Beal Experience So Far -Trina Short

It is so nice to find a company that makes you feel right at home and treats you with so much respect. The first time I met with Century 21 Beal, they welcomed me with open arms and have helped me in any way that I could possibly need. Mike Beal and Susan Hilton just have amazing personalities and made me feel right at home! They are truly my mentors! My experience with them has helped me so much in learning all the aspects of real estate and it has also improved my social skills with people. I’ve learned that real estate is not just about making a sell, it’s so much more than that. You gain so much knowledge about the industry the further you get into it, which helps you to be more successful at your work. You gain friendships, some become lifelong, others remain just acquaintances, but you make that connection with them and you are able to make their lives better whether it be selling them a home or selling their home for them.

The training that Century 21 Beal offers is just amazing! They provide you with so much information and are there to answer any questions you have. My first day of training seemed overwhelming and I thought, I’m never going to remember all of this stuff, but Jennifer Jennings has amazing teaching skills and I am able to learn a lot from her! You are able to learn at your own pace and I have just taken my time and slowly processed everything and it’s all falling into place. I am getting more and more comfortable about everything and now I’m getting eager to learn more!

I am so glad that I chose this industry to work in.  All of the people that I have met are so friendly and they treat you like family. Their doors are always open and they have so much knowledge to give you. Poor Natalie, I must have asked her a thousand questions and bugged her SO much, but she is always so helpful and so patient and I am so glad I have a person like her that I can rely on for help! I hope that I can be like that one day and have an answer to everything!!!! Having a company like this to work with is truly a blessing. They all work so hard and so well together as a TEAM and help each other out in each ones successes and that is what it is all about! Thank you Century 21 Beal for allowing me to be a part of this company and thank you for all of your support in my career!!!

Trina Short

  1. jenniferjennings

    We are glad to have you Trina! You certainly have the tenacity it takes to be a great agent and we are glad to have you on our team, and a member of our family!