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Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty?

The Eagle ran a great article Thursday about the general health of the Bryan & College Station commercial real estate…—The-phones-are-still-ringing-

Post your reactions to these statements. I’ll start:

For years I’ve thought the Bryan and College Station real estate market was over-saturated on all levels – 20+ residential subdivision development, continuous new office and retail space, and innumerable new apartments. Drive down Texas Avenue in Bryan or down Hwy 6 in College Station, and we still have many vacancies.

The real art in real estate marketing for our area will be to renovate and refurbish these large properties, divide them into smaller spaces, provide the laboratory requirements new tenants need, and sign those leases! I think we have a great inventory…it just needs to be converted for these future biomedical customers.

Cindy Seaton, REALTOR

for Century 21, Beal

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